CYtech will Introduce sony “Effio-A” and “Effio-V” chip 800TVL HD CCD Cameras
Source: CYTech      Last Update: 2014-5-28
CYTech will introduce 800tvl high resolution analog cameras, new products functions and performance will be drastically improved.
New products adopt sony Effio-V (CXD4141GG) and Effio-A (CXD4151GG) DSP,combine with 960H CCD image sensors , realize the highest horizontal resolution 800TV lines .
New products include wide dynamic range (WDR),3D-NR and Exposure Optimization of Infrared LED, Defog ,scene detection function and scene selection function, Ultra lowillumination , with good quality video under low light environments, Make the monitor screen to achieve better results.
Compared with Effio-E 2D-NR function, 3D-NR especially ensure less blur of moving objects,improved picture color reproduction in low luminance. Also, to effectively prevent situations when excessive reflection with infrared light hides the details of subjects (saturation phenomenon) or when around the outer edges of image view angle get darker (shading), the conventional exposure optimization of infrared LED was expanded to enable luminous intensity control of infrared light and shading suppression.
Therefore, these functions greatly improved the visibility in low light environments.
new 800tvl analog cameras have Automatic Scene Detection Function and Scene Selection Function ,which Make Installation Easier.The existing traditional products required proper operation on each function to adjust images depending on specified environment. that will  need long adjusting time and there is a possibility of several cameras with different picture quality characteristics. new series camera require only one action to automatically detect different patterns of imaging scenes for the ideal images such as dynamic range, color temperature, flicker, or backlight. The scene selection function presets common scenes for cameras, such as indoor, outdoor, traffic surveillance, or backlight, and automatically adjusts based on the setting conditions for getting the ideal picture quality.
With WDR function, Improvement of visibility under high contrast scene is very obvious.
double shutter and intelligent image processing make the cameras picture high quality.
New 800tvl analog cameras can detect foggy condition automatically and correct suitably. This function is especially useful for sandstorm and PM2.5 air pollution condition.
Totally, new analog camera can realize excellent and comfortable high resolution visibility, no matter in all light conditions from "high brightness" or "high contrast" or" low light" or "complete dark". welcome to contact us to discuss or order products.